Earn To Die 2015

Right from the start you can see that in this title you will control a fully packed vehicle and your main purpose is to kill as many enemies as possible in order to gain the highest score. At first, you will receive a car that’s not that easy to drive and only by playing the game you will be able to upgrade it and turn it into a monster killing machine. Rest assured though that the road won’t be an easy one to take. Right from the beginning you can earn cash by killing zombies, and the more you kill, the better upgrades can you make. Rest assured though that some of the zombies will be very hard to defeat, with many of them actually going up on your car from time to time.

Thankfully, there are lots of jumps in the game so getting rid of them isn’t that hard to do. Rest assured though that each level comes with a wide range of challenges, alongside zombies, so you are definitely in for a fun ride in this game. Earn to Die 2015 comes with a varied level design which certainly makes the end of the world scenario plausible and, dare we say, scary. Not only that, but the way the car moves is very realistic, so the game does make you feel a part of the post-apocalyptic game world. Yes, it might be really scary at times, but the game experience is what drives you through the game. The more zombies you kill, the higher the chances you get to upgrade the zombie killing machine you always wanted, so the motivation is definitely there.

The new rigs will be unlocked once you complete a certain level, so you do need to ensure that everything is done right so you complete the level as fast as possible. Always remember that the more enemies you kill, the higher the chances you get to further develop your rig. There are lots of upgrades you can choose from, and each one targets a different piece. You can upgrade the engine, wheels or even the zombie kit. Everything is at your own disposal, something that is really nice. Earn to Die 2015 is the ultimate zombie killing game and it’s a lot of fun too. Right from the start you can immediately see how unique and interesting the whole experience can be, and the best thing about it is that the experience expands the more you play, since you get new and improved items to kill the zombies. Playing Earn to Die 2015 is very rewarding, so we do recommend you to give it a shot!